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We cultivate relationships

To collect successful projects

Since 2013, when Rosanna Ventrella founded the company, Euristico provides marketing and event planning services. We give companies wide-ranging support in planning and organizing events, market research, developing projects, online and offline promotional material. 

As our name suggests, we take on any business with enthusiasm, intuition, and experience. But just like scientific research, throughout the course of the project, we will turn creative ideas from options into programs based on concrete and verified data. 

Creating and cultivating relationships: this is our method, building dynamic and flexible collaborations to be able to select the best parts of each project. We invest in finding and training talent, both for our employees and our partners, which we see as more than just contractors. We invest in research and in building relationships with and on behalf of our clients, as we aim to build long-term collaborations that can grow over time.

For the first years of our business, our collaborations were tied to the sports industry, which allowed us to reach great accomplishments and build a network with endless potential.

Today we do not feel tied to a specific industry but to the idea of providing high-end marketing services, whether it is strategic consulting (study, research, and planning) or operative marketing (set-up, campaigns, events, media relations).

Our support to businesses, while wide-ranging, is also based on our clients’ real and specific needs. When they ask us for a raft we don’t build a bridge, but maybe we recommend a boat.

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