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Research and development for marble import/export


Granite Project

Projects and goals:

we have been contacted by a group of experts from several companies in the field, to evaluate whether an import project of marble from Brazil and China was possible. First of all, we studied whether it was possible through our research and development services. We evaluated their local competitors, potentially interested parties and obviously costs and turnout of the operation. The conclusion was positive and brought to the creation of the Granite Project. We were then given the task to handle the launch and development of the new company: from its name to the bureaucratical and commercial aspects, including marketing.

Work and duration:

the collaboration with Granite Project started in 2014 since before it was even a company.

Results and returns:

The research had a positive outcome for business developing and for the creation of Granite Project, but also for our relationship with the owners who asked for our support setting up their business. We then followed the company for its first few years until it was stable.

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