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Promotional emotional videos for the CNA Impresa Donna events


CNA Impresa Donna (Interest group of  Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa).

Projects and goals:

we were given the task to produce videos for two educational events that had already taken place for CNA Impresa Donna. Both videos were meant to be used to create unity among the participants, as well as serving a promotional purpose for future events. The first video was made in 2016 with footage from the November 2015 educational seminar in Matera. The video was shown to the fnext educational event (Rome 2016) and uploaded on a USB flash drive that was given to each participant. The second video was meant to report on the educational day of the CNA Impresa Donna regional event, in June 2018 in Torino. We were assigned the task before the event, hired a trusted business from Torino and asked them to film every moment of the workshop and the communal moments from Saturday, June 16th. We edited the video in a few days -with the same phylosophy as the last video- and sent it to the participants before the summer.

Work and duration:

fall 2016 (video of the Matera educational event) and June-July 2018 for the video of the regional event 2018.

Results and returns:

we are glad to have reached our goals (move and intrigue) with both our videos. Our work on the Matera event was, if possible, even more satisfying: partially for the challenge of working on material filmed by a third party, but mostly because of what we created. The seminar had been special and emotional and the video managed to show this uniqueness to the participant, who got to re-live those feelings, as well as to those who were not present.

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