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Planning Sys-Tek Golf Cup at the Golf Club “Le Fronde”


Sys-Tek e Golf Club “Le Fronde”

Projects and goals:

since 2014 we have been planning the “Sys-Tek Cup”, an 18 hole standard Stableford single round at the Golf Club “Le Fronde”. The goal of the event, other than the pleasure of a day on the golf course, is to promote the Golf Club “Le Fronde” and giving visibility to various sponsors, mainly to the company Sys-Tek, which names the race. We handle the logistical and promotional aspects of the event, we manage registrations, prizes, and gadgets, communication with contractors, and support personnel for the race. We are very careful when selecting prizes and gadgets, trying each time to come up with options that are creative and technological and that will offer something more than those at other events. We invest in quality, not only for the winners (there are several prizes for various categories) but also for the gadgets available to all participants. This way we encourage a varied and pleasant participation beyond the club members. Since the 2017 edition, we started a co-marketing activity to find other companies interested in promoting themselves in this context and to contribute by offering their products. The companies that participated in 2017 and 2018 were both producing artisanal beer: they added their products to the bar at hole number 9 and created special bottles for the winners.

Work and duration:

we have been planning and managing the Sys-Tek Golf Cup since its first edition in spring 2014.

Results and returns:

participation increased over the years thanks to word of mouth. This was thanks to the positive sports environment during the competition and the attention to details that has been present from the first edition. We always have more than 100 participants and have reached 144 registrations in recent years. Non-members are always the majority.

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