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La donna effimera: creative mannequins


Side project by Luisa del Vecchio and Rosanna Ventrella.

Projects and goals:

A creative exploration of how ephemeral the feminine nature is, especially how quickly fashion changes. This project was the result of a collaboration between fashion designer Maria Luisa del Vecchio and artist Rosanna Ventrella. Rosanna gave new life to discarded mannequins, recycling and reinventing them, using various materials. This was the inspiration for Luisa's clothes, especially designed to match the mannequins. The creations were displayed side by side, to highlight the two independent concepts.

Work and duration:

The project was part of an exhibition at the Make in Italy festival (Thiene, 8-9 June 2019). Other exhibitions are planned for the future, including one at Mostra mercato dell’Artigianato Femminile in Biella on 15 September 2019.

Results and returns:

Due to the success of the Make in Festival, many were the visitors who enjoyed the exhibition and bought some of the pieces on display. If you want to do the same, just get in touch through this website, quoting the model number you find in the caption of the photo.  

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