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Communication services for the Italian Senior Golfers Association


AGIS -  Italian Senior Golfers Association. Recognized by F.I.G. (Italian Golf Federation). AGIS’ goal is to promote and spread the game of golf among senior players.

Projects and goals:

Managing communication for the association. The work we did for AGIS involved handlin media relations, updating their website and social media, managing their relationships with the magazines Golf Today and Golf & Turismo. The goal of our services was to increase the visibility of the organization on a local level to increase the number of new members as well as event participation.

Work and duration:

we handled communication for the association throughout 2017 and to this day we manage their online presence.

Results and returns:

during the time Euristico handled communication there was a significant increase of community engagement, especially on the association’s Facebook and Instagram pages where we promoted initiatives and activities sharing engaging photos and posts.

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