08 Jul 2020

Meet the founder of Euristico

I was born in Montreal, Canada and grew up in Puglia, just a few miles from the sea.

Throughout my life, change has been a constant.

I have changed jobs and cities more times that I can remember, each time packing up my experiences to put down roots somewhere new.

Me and Turin: it was love at first sight. After all, as Cesare Pavese used to say about Turin, with this beautiful city it can’t be an infatuation but only true love. For 20 years this has been my home: here lives my daughter Angela and this is where my house is, along with my businesses and my friends. In Turin I immediately felt at home, even if I came from far away. In this city I got the opportunity to renew and reinvent myself as well as to constantly test myself. The only real flaw of Turin is that there is no sea.

I have a degree in Economics and I am a certified accountant. Over the course of 25 years I took several courses in management, marketing and strategic planning, to improve my existing knowledge and keep up to date. I have been regional president of CNA Impresa Donna since 2017, I am an Aidda member and for years I have supported Dragonette Torino Onlus and helped them with fundraising.

Since 2007 I am sole director of Sys-tek and a few years ago I founded Euristico too.

I have dreamed of my own company since I was twenty years old and was writing a novel (never published) titled “Anna cuore di latta”. My destiny was perhaps already in that title. It’s like I had a telescope that could see into the future.
At the time, Tin-heart Anna dreamed of freedom, aware that becoming an entrepreneur would be a different way of looking at the world, a sort of mission, a service to others.

A few years ago, for my birthday, I gave myself an actual telescope. What a thrill to see Angela’s joy and amazement when I showed her the moon that was so big and so close that I could see one crater at a time. I have the secret hope in my heart that, as it happened to me, my daughter too can peer into the bottom of her “tin heart” in search of her life project, whatever it may be.

This is me, daughter, mother, woman and entrepreneur, with a passion for painting, music, photography, art in general, writing and for all that is creative.